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Learning Meditation Links

These are just a few helpful places on the Web where you can continue the journey started here.  These links will tell you more about meditation and spirituality, as well as broaden your perspective about the world around you.

Dragon Gate Palace -

This wonderful site is an on-line resource for a multitude of Eastern arts, lifestyle and cultural offerings.  Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, philosophy and culture are among the subjects covered at this site.  Dragon Gate also has a shopping area where you can purchase items related to these arts.

Reiki Healing Ministry -

Reiki means "universal life energy. This site introduces you to the concept and benefits of Reiki, as well as offers great resources for those who want to pursue and take advantage of what Reiki has to offer.

Gifts for the Soul -

This Web site features products that complement our own by giving you the gift of relaxation through hydrotherapy and other skin and massage-based methods.

InnerLinks Associates -

The InnerLinks Associates provide a number of products and services that can guide you to a more spiritual life. InnerLinks has experience in the "design, development and delivery of spiritually based tools that catalyze change and strengthen personal integrity."

Online Counseling -

This Web site offers counseling services over the Web for people that want advice and guidance.  With quick, regular, extensive and emergency counseling services, this site can offer that helping hand when you need it most.

Inspired Living -

At Inspired Living, a number of services are offered that allow people to take a more positive command of their lives in a proactive versus a reactive way. Seminars, consulting and other services are provided.  Site visitors can also take advantage of discussion groups and an email list.

Astrology 101 -

Astrology 101 is a good resource for those who want to learn more about and utilize astrology. Valuable horoscopes and other new age resources give the visitor a number of resources to choose from.

Dreams Alive -

Discover the power within you to create & Live Your Life's Dreams. An exceptional site that helps you see beyond the mind's limitations and re-discover your Life's Dreams and purpose in life. -

This diet and health site features a wealth of information as well as offers customizable fitness profiles and diet programs... all on-line.   The site also features a free email newsletter. -

A great diet and health site that features a free profile, animated humorous diet and e-cards, and plenty of fitness tips. This site is geared to both men and women.